Open Heart Effects

A dagger cuts into a stylized heart.

Near Lansing, Michigan, outside the subtle hustle of downtown, beyond the thrumming robotic core of automotive manufacturing, out past corn and soybeans and a few goats, in a small basement workshop, we're figuring out what makes great effects tick.

What We Sell

A hand holds a guitar
pedal built in an orange Hammond 1590B enclosure. The pedal has two knobs
labeled 'Level' and 'Hysteresis'. There are also a small light and a large
chrome stomp switch on the front of the enclosure. Right in the middle, the
pedal is labeled 'Hot Schmitt' in a swaggering brush script. At the bottom, it
says 'Open Heart Effects' in a modern sans-serif typeface.

Hot Schmitt, our fuzz pedal

A set of gray
3d-printed drilling jigs sit on a white background.

3D Printed Jigs for Drilling Enclosures

Several small
white circuit boards sit on a black card table. One is assembled with
electrolytic capacitors, a couple of resistors, and an eight-pin DIP chip.

DIY Voltage Doubler

Who We Are

Edgar Giese smirks knowingly
as his eyes meet the camera

Edgar Giese is a lifelong musician and accomplished guitarist. The driven driver, he has his finger on the frenetic pulse of the pedal universe and a keen ear for commercial success.

Aaron D. Parks smirks
knowingly as his eyes meet the camera

An engineer by training and a programmer by trade, Aaron D. Parks believes that a circuit should have integrity, just like a man, and that good tools inspire the artists who choose them.

What We Write About

Parks Digital LLC
4784 Pine Hill Drive, Potterville, Michigan