Hot Schmitt Fuzz Pedal

My brother and I were talking on the phone about different fuzz pedal architectures and somehow the idea of using a Schmitt trigger to produce fuzz came up. We weren't sure if it had been done before, but we figured it should sound pretty great and thought it would be worth trying out.

From the first prototype, we knew we were on to something. Crunchy and spicy, it just wanted to be played. Through several revisions, we were able to tame it into a useful and useable effect.

A hand holds a guitar
pedal built in an orange Hammond 1590B enclosure. The pedal has two knobs
labeled 'Level' and 'Hysteresis'. There are also a small light and a large
chrome stomp switch on the front of the enclosure. Right in the middle, the
pedal is labeled 'Hot Schmitt' in a swaggering brush script. At the bottom, it
says 'Open Heart Effects' in a modern sans-serif typeface.

This fuzz pedal would be wildly inappropriate for “adding a little fuzz” to your sound. It is all-fuzz all-the-time. It does not, will not, and cannot “clean up” — nicely or otherwise. What it seems to excel at is splitting open skulls so they can be exposed to Universal Truth. And this is the principal purpose for which we recommend it.

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