3D Printed Guitar Pedal Drilling Jigs

I was talking with some Internet friends about the 3d-printed drilling jigs I use for making Hot Schmitt and it seemed like there was some interest in having STL files available for a generic set of jigs. To that end, I whipped up a set of jigs for the Hammond 1590B enclosure. Upon sharing these, I got some really nice feedback (thanks folks!) and requests for similar jigs for the 1590N1. So, I grabbed a model for that from Hammond and whipped up another set of jigs. Because of the extra height of the 1590N1, I was able to set it up to have top-load jacks underneath the uppermost pots.

A set of gray 3d-printed
drilling jigs sit on a white background.

Please note that there are a number of third-party clones of the 1590N1 enclosure — sometimes sold as the “125B” — and that while they're mostly dimensionally similar I've found that many of them will not work with jigs made specifically for the real-deal Hammond 1590N1 due to variations in size, draft angle, and corner radii. Buyer beware!

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We've got the STL files here that you can download for free. If you don't have a 3D printer or if you'd just like to pick up a set already made, we've got some sets printed up in strong and attractive pro PLA in our Reverb shop. Here are the STL files for the 1590B and for the 1590N1.

I recommend using these with a drill press: I think a hand drill would chew them up too quickly. If you're having trouble getting the dimenions just right, I can suggest setting the scaling in your slicer to get the cavity dimenions right, then adjusting the hole expansion if you need to. I think it's okay if the holes are basically the right size but the wall texture is making them a little under-sized, just clean them up with the drill you're going to use and it should make a good fit.

I hope these are helpful to you. If there's a different enclosure or hole layout you think would be helpful, please drop me a note at the address below. If this is the kind of thing you're into, you may be interested in our other work.

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Parks Digital LLC
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